Welcome to the TRAX Wiki

TRAX is a social marketplace for music, powered by the Internet Computer. We help artists to earn more from their music and build better connections with their fans.

Getting started

To get started, create a TRAX account, then read about how to connect a wallet to make the most of TRAX's features. If you're an artist, learn how to post content or sell products to your community.


Create an account

Learn how to setup your TRAX account

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Connect a wallet

Setup your wallet & unlock web3 features

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Post content

Learn how to upload music, video & more and share with your fans

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Sell products

Read about the different types of products you can sell on TRAX

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Learn about the TRAX project and our vision for a better music industry


Our roadmap sets out the current vision and planned development for the TRAX platform


Artists can apply to TRAX for grant funding for their next project

Listening Room

An artist incubator and accelerator, in partnership with the Listening Room