Sell content

Selling content on the TRAX platform is easy and you can begin selling directly to your fans in just a few clicks. Find out more below.

List a product

Step 1: Connect Payment Method Ensure your banking/wallet info is connected for easy withdrawal. Follow the 'Connecting your wallet and/or banking info' guide for instructions.

Step 2: Select Content Click the + button on the TRAX toolbar and select your desired content type to upload.

Step 3: Upload & Add Details Upload content, add descriptions, tags, etc. Consider storing it 'on-chain' with the Internet Computer Network (ICP) for enhanced security and transparency.

Step 4: Control Access Decide on content accessibility. For subscribers locks content for non-subscribers. Pay-per-view requires a direct payment to access. Content for everyone is visible to all TRAX users. There is the option to upload your content to the ICP blockchain that TRAX is built on. Storing on-chain provides certain benefits to users : Find out more here- ( increases trust%2C security%2C transparency,cost savings with new efficiencies.&text=Blockchain for business uses a,accessed by members with permission.)

Step 5: Upload

Congratulations! You have successfully set up your content for sale on TRAX. Now your fans can purchase and enjoy your work.

If you encounter any difficulties or have questions check out our other user guides or reach out to TRAX's social media to contact their support team.