At TRAX, we are privileged to work alongside a diverse group of partners, all contributing to the revolutionary world of Web3 music. Our partners range from music platforms, artist networks, tech innovators, to blockchain companies. Each partner brings their unique expertise and perspective, fueling our mission to reshape the music industry and empower artists.

Through these collaborations, we foster a vibrant, interconnected ecosystem that enriches the experiences of our artists and broadens their horizons. Our partners contribute to artist growth through providing extensive networks, marketing and branding expertise, and access to cutting-edge technologies.

Official partners


A popular digital identity for signing in to applications privately and securely, on the Internet Computer.

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Music Managers Forum

The largest representative body of music management in the world

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The Listening Room

facilitating exciting collaborations between artists, connect projects with producers, and bring attention to the ongoing activities in the web3 ecosystem.

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Become a partner

If you share our vision for a more equitable and innovative music industry, we invite you to become a partner. Here's how you can join our journey:

1. Express Interest: Reach out to our team via email ( or official social media channels to express your interest in a partnership.

2. Propose Collaboration: Tell us about your organization and how you envision the partnership. What unique value can you bring to TRAX, and how can we mutually benefit from this collaboration?

3. Review: Our team will review your proposal and assess the potential for collaboration. We're always looking for industry partnerships that align with our mission and can enhance the experience for our artists.