What is TRAX?

TRAX is a web3 music platform built on ICP (Internet Computer) that leverages blockchain technology to revolutionize how artists create, share, and profit from their music. It's a space that champions transparency, fairness, and direct artist-to-fan connections.

What is web3 and why is it relevant to music?

Web3, short for Web 3.0, represents the next generation of the internet, employing decentralized blockchain technologies to create a more open and user-controlled online space. For musicians, Web3 can facilitate peer-to-peer transactions, transparent royalty distributions, and real-time revenue sharing.

How does Royalty3 work?

Royalty3 is a feature of TRAX that enables artists to receive their royalties directly from fans through peer-to-peer transactions, bypassing intermediaries. It uses smart contracts for instant revenue sharing between artists and producers. Find out more here

How can I join TRAX?

To join TRAX, you need to create a TRAX Artist Account. Once the account is set up, you can connect your Web3 Wallet and start using the platform's features. Find out more here

How do I upload music on TRAX?

Once your Web3 Wallet is connected to your TRAX account, you can upload a track to the platform. If you're collaborating with other artists, you can add them using their TRAX username and assign royalty splits. Find out more here

Is my music safe on TRAX?

Yes, your music is safe. TRAX uses blockchain technology which provides a secure and transparent ledger of all transactions and interactions.

What fees does TRAX charge?

Artists contribute 10% of their earnings to join TRAX. This contribution supports the ongoing enhancement of services, creating a vibrant, sustainable community.

How do I receive my earnings?

Artists receive their earnings in the form of cryptocurrencies directly into their connected Web3 Wallet. Thanks to the Royalty3 feature, you can get your royalties in real-time, creating a transparent and efficient payment system.

Can I collaborate with other artists on TRAX?

Absolutely! TRAX facilitates and encourages collaborations. You can add collaborators to your projects using their TRAX usernames and assign royalty splits according to agreed percentages.

I need help. How can I reach TRAX support?

TRAX offers dedicated support to its users. You can reach out to our support team via the contact form on our website or through our official social media channels (@onlyontrax).